Common Areas of Study

A degree in public health allows students to concentrate in a variety of different academic and professional areas.


"Public health was the perfect intersection between my social justice interests and my passion for STEM (specifically medicine and human health), and offered the opportunity to target grave health equity issues on a population-health level."
"Advocating for Michigan State University (MSU) to adopt a tobacco-free campus policy (TFCP) is the most significant and rewarding professional experience and one I am most proud of. This ordinance... includes not only the main campus but also all MSU sites across the state, nation, and globe. This process started six years ago, during my MPH program as a passion of mine and later developed into my capstone paper outlining how to create a TFCP at MSU."
"My most rewarding experience was having the opportunity to be an interpreter with Community Outreach Inc. at their farm clinics in Philomath, Oregon. I am able to utilize my talents as a bilingual public health student to improve patient experiences with healthcare."
"Public health is all about health equity and creating a world in which all persons can live active, healthy, and whole lives."